Explore Zell-Mosel

Zell-Mosel is a leading winemaker town (#2 on the Mosel), with a friendly buzz and lies midway between Trier and Koblenz on a spectacular horse-shoe bend in the river.

The surrounding countryside of Zellerland is one of the most scenic regions of Europe and offers plenty to keep visitors fascinated.

Many days of things to do in Zell & around

Within 2 or 3 km:

  • Taste the wines at 40+ winemakers' cellars
  • Stroll the Mosel riverbanks, cross to Zell Kaimt on the footbridge and return over the road bridge
  • Hike up to Zell's Castle tower, cemetery and vineyard terraces
  • Hike up the valley at the back of town, climb the ladders to the Collis Tower lookout
  • Stroll downstream 3 km to village of Zell-Merl or 3 km upstream to Briedel
  • Cruise the Mosel, upstream to Cochem and downstream to Bernkastel-Kues
  • Tractor tours with winemaker
  • Cycle the Mosel Radweg (bike path) or try the downhill trails
  • Vineyard hikes easy or hard 
  • Sunday Breakfast-Brunch at Zell's Hotel Schloss (Castle Hotel)
  • Friday night tour with Zell's Town Ghost
  • Zellerland Erlebnis water park and saunas
  • Lots of cafes, restaurants and bars to try

Within 20 km

  • Bad Bertrich historic spa resort, water park and saunas
  • Cruise, ride or hike to picture-postcard village of Beilstein 
  • Ultra-steep Calmont vineyards and Stuben Abbey ruins
  • Traben Trabach township and hike up the old French Fort of Mont Royale

Within 40 km

  • Cruise, bus or rail to grand town of Cochem, chairlift and Cochem Castle
  • Rail to Moselkern village and hike to Burg Eltz fairytale castle
  • Bernkastel Kues township and Castle
  • Explore the scenic Hunrsuck and Eifel Plateaus



Winzer Otto Kallfelz runs Otto's Terrassen Weinstube, in a romantic rustic setting near the Zeller Castle, specialising in local fare.
Hotel Schloss offers a great Sunday breakfast-brunch.
There are many more restaurants and international fare in Zell including Italian, Greek, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Turkish. 
In winter months about 5 or 6 venues remain open.
the pick of the Mosel

Waldhotel Sonnora in Dreis near Wittlich (Helmut Thieltges) - 3 Michelin stars
Becker's in Trier (Wolfgang Becker) - 2 Michelin stars
Wein und Tafelhaus in Trittenheim (Alexander Oos) - 1 Michelin  star
Schanz in Piesport ((Thomas Schanz) - 1 Michelin star
Schloss Monaise in Trier (Hubert Scheid)  
Culinarium R in Mulheim (Sascha Hamp) 
Schiller's Restaurant in Koblenz (Mike Schiller)

Dining in

Zell's Metzgerei (butcher) has won the European Championship 2012 and 2013
Large supermarkets are in Zell Barl: Globus, Aldi and Lidl. Catch the bus, about 5E return.

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